Leading Off (4/30/14)

It's Wednesday. Good morning. Have a blessed day.

Veterinarian Accused of Keeping “Euthanized” Pets Alive, Using Them for Blood Transfusions. The accusations against Lou Tierce are disturbing. In theory, something like this might save the lives of some other, healthier pets. Maybe even a lot of them (a 170-pound dog has a lot of blood). But if that were your dog or cat being abused–the one you said goodbye to and thought was dead–you might want to see that doctor taken to a terrifying place, locked in a cage, and involuntarily drained of a few pints every so often.

Ex-Dallas Police Officer Indicted for Shooting Mentally Ill Man. Last October, Cardan Spencer stepped out of his squad car and shot a man in the street. Then the subsequent report claimed the man had come at him aggressively with a knife. Then video of the incident surfaced. Then Spencer was fired. And now he’s facing unspecified criminal charges, the second former Dallas officer indicted in less than a week for an on-duty shooting. (The most recent one before that was in 1973.)

Arlington Police Looking for Man Who Groped Teens. The guy police are searching for, someone may have attacked six women since January, apparently drives a dark Honda sedan that looks like this.


  • Hooey=BS

    This is a Vet who admits that he lied to a family about euthanized their family dog. Yet Mr. Mooney sees this as something positive because it might save the lives of “healthier pets”. You do understand the dog did NOT have the disease the Vet diagnosed. He lied about the disease then lied about euthanizing. Maybe you are confused. People do NOT take their animals to Vets for philanthropic reasons. So this family basically paid for him to cage a 170 pound dog for several months.

    Then to quote your reviewer Nancy Nichols on the subject.

    I believe him when he says ” hooey” He has no reason to lie to a patient and keep a dog as a donor dog when the pound is full of dogs who would be happy to live in Tierce’s kennel.

    So she too has an understanding of this vile lowlife animal abuser. I look forward to D’s Best Vet list so I will know who I should stay far away from. There seems to be a ton of hooey floating around D.