Leading Off (4/28/14)

Toyota's Plano Move, Stars Out in 6, Love Field's Remaining Gates, and Naming Rights for DART.

Toyota Moving to Plano? That’s the word on the street. More than 4,000 workers could set up in a Legacy business park, in office space totaling 1 to 1.5 million square feet. As Bloomberg first reported Sunday, Toyota is looking to reduce operating costs by moving from California. The move is expected to be announced today.

Stars Fall to Ducks in Overtime. It looked promising with a 4-2 lead, with 2:10 left on the clock. But no dice. The Stars are out in 6.

Consultants Push Southwest for Love Field Gates. Two gates are on the table, and L.E.K. Consultants, a  group hired by the city, has come out in favor of Southwest Airlines. American Airlines is required to divest the two gates as part of a lawsuit agreement made while the airline merged with U.S. Airways. The Justice Department has already stated that it thinks the gates should go to Virgin America.

DART Might Sell Naming Rights for Lines. Estimates show DART could bring in as much as $24.5 million over 15 years.


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  • Anonymous

    Why is the city interfering with DOJ’s wishes and the transaction of two private parties? This would be a huge overreach on the part of the city and it would certainly get us sued.

    Who gets to decide what is “maximum utility”? To me, that would mean two airlines in the same airport (Virgin and Southwest) competing for my business to cities like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

  • jmckee

    Of course they did. And of course Dallas would commission a study before hearing what the DOJ would sign off on and why.

  • JSSS

    Exactly — by all means let’s make sure that we supplement AA’s stranglehold at DFW with a Southwest monopoly at Love Field.

  • Borborygmus

    LOVE A VIRGIN (To the tune of Like A Virgin)

    I was flying though the air unknown
    Looking for a place from above
    Oh the miles I have flown
    And then I found Love

    They have space, an airbase
    I was in, I never felt so wooed
    But you made me feel
    Yeah, you made me feel
    Like I’ve been screwed.

    Love a Virgin
    Like it’s the very first time
    Love a Virgin
    Southwest Airlines
    Your gates are mine.

    Going to let you into me, too
    Take you on party ride
    Lay yourself on our recliners
    By the end I’ll be your bride

    Love Field is fine, and it’s mine
    Those two gates, do you need more time?
    Or do you need more lubrication
    To continue this flirtation?
    You can be my concubine.


    Love a Virgin, ooh, ooh
    Love a Virgin
    Feels so good inside
    When you Love me, and our heart beats, and I pay you

    Ching, ching, ching, oooh baby.

  • SkyMasterson

    We need competition at Love Field. Southwest has grown greedy in its monopoly position and needs another airline like Virgin to force it to be competitive again.

  • Dubious Brother

    I believe Don Carty was CEO at AA when Legend Airlines tried to offer consumers a choice out of Love Field. AA did everything they could to undermine Legend’s efforts including an expensive legal battle that drained the small company’s cash.
    Now Don Carty comes to town with a hot model exhibition last Friday before the final decision is announced – like if the Stars had done their victory celebration yesterday with 3 minutes to go in the third period. Maybe City Hall doesn’t have a short memory.
    Although they are not in the running, Spirit Airlines would be a better choice for consumers than Virgin at Love Field. On the other hand, SWA has proven to be a good, solid Dallas airline that will have the Wright handcuffs removed.