Leading Off (4/25/14)

The Trinity Parkway hearing, a Virgin America announcement, and allergies.

Some Still Want to Build Trinity Parkway. The Morning News characterizes the crowd at last night’s final public hearing on building a $1.4 billion road in a floodway as “divided.”

Park Board Members Don’t Want You to Email Them. A new website for the Dallas Park and Recreation Board is scheduled to go live today. It was to have a feature providing the public the ability to contact any of the members. But some board members pushed back, fearing that they’d receive as many as 50 additional emails each month. So the site is launching without it.

Virgin America Lands a Plane at Love Field. And the air carrier has announced a news conference for today. The speculation is that it has something to do with Virgin’s desire to take over the two gates at the airport that American Airlines has to give up as part of the deal that led the Justice Department to approve its merger with U.S. Airways. But the city of Dallas, which has to approve which airline gets the gates, said that no decision has been made.

Nobody Let Krista Read This Story. It’s about a deputy sheriff getting fired, and it involves a dog and a gun.

The Pollen Vortex Is Trying to Kill Me. Today’s pollen count. I hate spring.


  • tkender

    Wrong link for the deputy sheriff story…you had the Virgin story again..

  • Wylie H Dallas

    How will Vonciel Jones Hill decide which airline shall receive the Love Field gates? Free market Dallas, I’m lovin’ it!

  • Dubious Brother

    Try a table spoon of local honey every morning for your allergies. It may not work for everyone but it has eliminated almost all of my symptoms. I used to be miserable this time of year too and I run on the Katy Trail in the morning which could be called the pollen trail this time of year.

  • Borborygmus

    (Poorly edited, but the sun is calling my name)

    Thank you, Mr. Wylie, for being my friend
    On facebook. Daily, I now hasten to ascend
    From my bed to see what it is you have posted,
    Tripping down stairs to see who’s been roasted.

    For years now he’s been an anonymous speaker
    (Speculation is that he’s a government leaker)
    Maybe you’ve read his issues with our city
    Part sarcasm, part palm slap, often quite witty.

    Who are you really? Does it even matter?
    I guess to those officials you cause to splatter
    Half truths and delusions of their obsession.
    His anvil dropping down on acts of transgression.

    More roadrunner, than coyote, is what I think.
    Fast on his feet, and see – a wink, wink!
    Wylie, don’t stop, keep shaking up city palace
    You’re a shuttlecock* of info going on in Dallas.

    * for Tim Rogers, because it’s Friday