Leading Off (4/22/14)

It's Tuesday. Again.

Stars Beat Ducks 3-0. Ducks defenseman Stephane Robidas broke his leg in the game — just as he did in last time he played here, when he was still with the Stars. Kari Lehtonen made 37 saves for the Stars. Rick Gosselin says he’s a “very hot goalie.” But just a take a minute to think about this: if Hope Solo played hockey, and if she stopped 37 shots, would Gosselin call her a “very hot goalie”? We shouldn’t tolerate sexism in any form.

Stanley Korshak Expands. Bet you didn’t know that Stanley Korshak is the nation’s largest-volume privately owned specialty retailer that is housed in one building. It’s true. And now the store is growing in response to Uptown’s swell demographics. Says Crawford Brock, Korshak’s owner: “McKinney Avenue and Cedar Springs around us are like New Orleans at night.” Also true. And all those carousing kids are going to want to buy some Ferragamos after drinking hurricanes and doing amyl poppers.

Basketball Explodes, Injures Mom at Six Flags. These things do happen. A reminder that you should never point a loaded basketball at any target you do not intend to destroy.