Leading Off (4/11/14)

DISD home-rule debate, police being taped, and a man sues the Perot.

WFAA Frames DISD Home-Rule Debate as Race War. Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas ISD trustee Mike Morath are both supporting the effort to create a new charter to change how the school district is governed. They’re white, and they’ve implied that some elements of the school board are standing in the way of DISD making important changes. Those three board members are African-American, and they accuse home-rule proponents of trying to erode minority representation. Morath fans the flames by saying things like “this is not to say that race is not a factor … But to say that race is a dominant factor is missing the forest for the trees.”

The Watchers Don’t Like Being Watched. Dallas Police staff are putting out a warning to the city’s cops about a dangerous new threat to their safety: citizens on patrol with video cameras. Concerns were raised recently after a woman affiliated with a group called Cop Rock Cop Block was found to be following and taping an officer. Ron Pinkston, president of the Dallas Police Association, says such behavior could be a threat because police “don’t know who it is pulling behind us. We don’t know they’re there to videotape, they might be part of… if that guy has has just done a kidnapping they could be part of the kidnapping. You don’t know.” I also don’t know what he’s talking about, even if, yeah, I’m sure some of the folks recording the cops are just being jerks.

Man Sues Perot Museum After Accident. According to the claim, 74-year-old Myung Oh of Carrollton was leaving the museum in June 2013 when he fell on the steps and was left a quadriplegic.


  • Cole Daugherty

    Very nice reference to the short-lived “American musical police drama.”

  • Wylie H Dallas

    Saw a DPD officer conducting a DUI sobriety test on a driver awhile back. A couple of people were standing on a public sidewalk across the street, and the DPD officer starting shining his flashlight in their eyes and yelling at them to move along. I imagine he would have been even more upset if they had started filming.

  • Chris

    Has Brett Shipp ever apologized to Dirk? What a d-bag.

  • Avid Reader

    What a ridiculous time we live in that there are so many lawsuits over people being clumsy or innattentive to their own surroundings.

  • Bill Marvel

    Citizens’ rights to photograph or film police as they go about their work has been firmly established in numerous court cases throughout the U.S. I hope Dallas police have more sense than to challenge this right, which has been upheld both on free speech and free press grounds. Pinkston needs to do a little research, or perhaps take up the matter with an attorney who will promptly set him straight,