Leading Off (4/10/14)

Michael Morris Apologizes To Wick Allison And Other Dallas Leaders. In advance of today’s meeting of the Regional Transportation Council, the (deep breath) North Central Texas Regional (almost there) Council of Governments transportation director apologized for throwing down the race card last week regarding the efforts to tear down I-345.

Dallas ISD Trustees Consider Hiring Education Lawyer To Advise Them On Home-Rule Push. I’m sure that will make this whole thing go so much smoother.

Dwaine Caraway Asks City Staff To Begin Process of Renaming Lancaster Road After Nelson Mandela. Specifically, the portion between I-20 and Corinth and Illinois. This seems like a fine idea, though, as usual with Caraway, a little bit out of nowhere. I’d love to sit in on a brainstorming session with him sometime.


  • WalkableDFW

    You know representative democracy works when even presumed hegemons have competent, capable bosses. Sometimes.

  • tad

    The orignal name for boy scout hill is Look Out Point, (much more appropriate) I am a Lake Highlands resident for the restaurant and if it is built hope they name it Look Out Point.