• pr1

    Here it comes. A bunch of wealthy, stay at home moms who live on the opposite side of the lake from this location getting all riled up. They will work hard, spend hours meeting at Starbucks then defeat this idea all in the name of “protecting the beauty of White Rock Lake. Then when it comes time to volunteer for a lake clean up, they will be no where to be seen.

  • Marcus

    With that view, the proximity to the lake, and a 6,000 square foot patio this place would be awesome for a Dallas outpost of Redneck Haven. Perfect place to grab drinks in the summer after a day at the lake.

    • SPJ

      Marcus – bait much?

  • Greg Brown

    So apparently “pr1” does not stand for “public relations.” You obviously have no clue as to the dynamics of our neighborhood.

  • Alexander

    Wow, the reactionaries have suddenly turned into champions of the poor, taking on the rich stay at home hipster moms. I had no idea that poor minorities took I345 to White Rock, only to be disappointed that they could not buy a ham sandwich at Boy Scout Hill.

  • pr1

    Oh, trust me. I do. Have volunteered for clean ups and other projects at the lake before. The clean ups consisted of people who did not live near the lake but not one person from near the lake was with our volunteer group.

    Here is one example:

    As far as working on events on the lake, you might expect problems from city hall, but no. The problem came from people near the lake who were afraid the events might attract “too many people” to their lake.

  • WRLworkingmom

    Thanks for sharing those pics, PR1. What I see is perhaps a company-sponsored (AT&T) volunteer day with Rep. Kenneth Sheets thanks the volunteers & AT&T for their commitment to Dallas?

    Nice stereotyping about the people of the neighborhood. Too bad it’s not at all accurate. It’s actually a really diverse neighborhood of people who care about the lake, the city and what goes on there.

  • Scott

    PR1 volunteers (or works) for State Rep. Kenneth Sheets. So now we all know who NOT to vote for. Thanks for the great PR work!

  • Scott

    There are eating establishments on every corner of every large city. But there is only one White Rock Lake Park. It should be preserved EXACTLY AS-IS in perpetuity so that generations of citizens can enjoy the unique preponderance of nature and, most notably, the lack of commerce and business that belongs in a strip mall or on top of a freeway. Please no restaurants, shopping or night-life at our peaceful urban retreat.

  • judy

    While I thank you for volunteering to help clean up the lake, I take it you don’t live in Lakewood, do you? It’s everyone’s lake – but MANY of us that live on “the opposite side of the lake” volunteer to clean up everyone else’s mess regularly. Your opinion of the people in Lakewood is highly insulting. So, were you a forced volunteer with ATT or are you just in Kenneth Sheets camp and had to be there? Why the animosity? Jealous much? Be thankful for those stay at home moms. They aren’t the only ones that help keep WRL clean – but many of those ladies volunteer more hours to keeping the lake and park clean than you’d ever consider, and certainly more than a glad hand session with a political figure for a day at the park. I’ve lived in Lakewood 35 years. That lake is there for everyone in the City, but I’d hazard my not-big-house and regular coffee that there are more Lakewood AREA residents from all four sides of the lake, involved in keeping her taken care of than any other area. After all, it is relatively in our backyard. So, of course we are vocal. Wanna beer with those fries? Hop on over to Greenville Avenue. You sound like you need to relax a little.

  • Katie D

    The locals use the lake all the time and aren’t just interested in earning political brownie points. During your multiple clean up projects, you might have tried mingling with the locals … if you dared!

  • Carol Bell-Walton

    100 years of park land conservation. Multiple generations of park users. Will Dallas sacrifice it all for the avarice of two developers and the desire of Mayor Mike Rawlings to see White Rock Lake privatized/monetized? Seriously, bring a picnic to Boy Scout Hill. Have dinner there with your kids. Then thank the forward thinking and steadfast tenacity of everyone who has fought the last 100 years to preserve this space. Boy Scout Hill is an open space in our best park by design, not accident. Other greedy developers have come before. These predators are increasingly better connected, organized, and funded, so preserving the park is a full-time vigil that many of us will keep. And pr1, if you think the other side of the lake is the problem, check out the position of the Old Lake Highlands Neighborhood Association, the Peninsula Neighborhood Association, etc. on the subject. All of the neighborhoods have come out against the restaurant/bar except Lakewood, the neighborhood on the other side of the lake.

  • Cindy Jones

    pr1 Your perception is a little off.
    I don’t live near WRL at all and I am certainly opposed to a restaurant/bar and parking lot taking the place of Boy Scout Hill. I have spoke with many of my friends (that don’t live near WRL) about this issue and they feel the same way. I have advocated for saving the hill through many venues and will continue to do so. As you know not only the neighbors care about and enjoy the lake so why would you assume it is only the “stay at home moms” that are speaking out. It sounds like you had a bad experience and are projecting, sorry that you did. It would be most beneficial to the cause for you to project your energy in a positive way and helping, it would be greatly appreciated. Check out and learn more about how you can help. Cheers!

  • Carol Bell-Walton

    I’m compelled to comment again because there is some basic geography involved with the lakeview parkland at White Rock Lake Park. There is very little parkland on the west side of the lake that could be developed. The tract at W Lawther and Westbay is the largest site, but it is surrounded by homes. Otherwise, the only preserved lakeview large open spaces are on the east side of the lake. It is very easy to understand the very small number of large lakeview park tracts with a map or Google Earth. When lake preservationists like myself oppose developers, who try to privatize public parkland for their private gain, it will invariable be eastside development that is being threatened. I’ve always thought about White Rock Lake as Dallas’ greatest park. I’ve really never thought about my side of the lake or the opposite side. pr1 – I’ve picked up plenty of trash even though I live in Lakewood. Please come to another outing, there are some wonderful people in Lakewood and I for one sincerely hope that you’ll quit sipping on that haterade and give us a second chance.

  • Raymond A.

    The blue-shirted crew, working for free, was picking up for a HUGE corporate event this weekend : A run/walk starting at none other than our Boy Scout Hill. Sponsors include Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas, Atmos Energy.

    Locals and other pick up trash monthly in events organized by For the Love of The Lake. All ages and genders and political persuasions. I am an underemployed white guy and I’ve picked up trash.

    For the Love of The Lake is sponsoring a trash pickup this Saturday, during the corporate event.

  • Raymond A.

    A neighbor reports that an entire crew of blue-shirted volunteers signed the Save Boy Scout Hill petition.