D Magazine’s 40 Greatest Stories: John Wiley Price, American Hustler

In 1991, future Dallas Mayor Laura Miller wrote about disturbing allegations against the county commissioner.

Illustration by Matthew Woodson
Illustration by Matthew Woodson

With indications that the federal case against Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price may finally be moving forward—nearly three years after the FBI’s investigation of Price went public—it seems a fitting time to revisit D Magazine‘s 1991 profile of him. It’s one of our 40 greatest stories.

The piece, written by someone named Laura Miller, gets into some of the same sort of questionable financial transactions that have caught the government’s attention and could reportedly result in indictments any time now. But the most disturbing allegations come from several women who talk of having been sexually assaulted by the powerful politician. Price denies to Miller all of these claims.

After reading this article, it seems remarkable that 23 years later Price still sits on the commissioners’ court—still doing things like telling white people to go to hell. It’s hard to read about Price without being reminded of the immortal words of State Sen. Clay Davis: “Sheeeeeet.”


  • Borborygmus


    zOMG, on YouTube there consists quite a list
    Of John Wiley Price, Dallas County inveteratist.
    Black holes, and white people you want in hell,
    But once again hardly your political death knell.
    Skeptical your woundikins will result in attack
    When Elba and Clay are busy watching your back.

    Unless of course people stop taking what you say
    As flippant, unhurtful, then comes judgement day.
    “Go to hell”, I can take, it’s been said to me before,
    It’s the statement made with that which hit a score.
    “What’s wrong with white? Is this how blacks felt?
    A generation ago, forcing change in the bible belt?”

    I get it, “white’s less” in the mind of this fool,
    Considered oppressors, it’s very old school
    But hardly advancement for the citizens of Dallas
    When government speaks out with racial malice.
    Whether it’s white or it’s black, it hasn’t a place
    On the commissioner’s bench, no matter the race.

    I’m dumfounded about what can be done for this man
    An intervention seems needed, he’s hardly a fan
    Of most of our citizenry, if he’s really a hater.
    And history will not remember him as “Equator”
    Instead on video they will view his stupid rants
    And pictures of him posing in lipstick underpants.

  • Scott

    I suspect when it’s all said and done, JWP and the Honorable Cortez should open a bar/club together. I think the name “Shenanigans ” has a nice ring to it…..