Barrett Brown Signs Plea Agreement

No trial for this lad.

The documents are sealed, but here’s what is known. Barrett is scheduled for a re-arraignment on April 29. Wired reports that his “maximum statutory sentence would likely be five years.” Fingers crossed for time served, which is 19 months and ticking.


  • Neal K

    “Fingers crossed for time served, which is 19 months and ticking.”

    Unlikely. Federal prosecutors are thugs. They will go for the full five years.

  • JSSS

    What an asinine comment. The sentence in federal court will be determined by the judge based on the federal sentencing guidelines and the information compiled by the probation office in the presentence report. Additionally, plea agreements frequently contain provisions whereby the government agrees to seek a no-longer-than period of incarceration, to recommend a particular sentence, or to take no position on sentencing. In any case, however, it is the judge that ultimately decides.

  • Neal K

    Within five minutes, I could find and post 50 links to clear examples of recent US attorney thuggery, misconduct, dishonesty and outright lawlessness, but this blog doesn’t allow html tagging in its comments and the links would not only be inactive, but incomprehensible in appearance. So as a short cut I’ll just leave this here: