American Blogger: The Most Important Film in the History of Cinema, Ever

It could, potentially, change the world. Just ask the director.

Chris Wiegand of Dallas is a visionary filmmaker. Don’t take my word for it. Take his word for it. The trailer he posted recently for his new project, American Blogger, describes the deep spiritual apotheosis one will experience upon watching this “beautifully filmed and artistically crafted” cinematic experience.

Inspired by the blog of his own attractive blonde wife Casey, Chris drove across this great nation of ours, fighting for freedom and meeting with other beautiful female wordsmiths — mavens of fashion, style, and interior design. They’re part of a movement that could, potentially, change our world. Good-looking women will no longer have to put up with being ignored. At long last they have a means for commanding the attention that they deserve but have never received often enough.

Assisted only by his trusty, fashionably ratty ball cap, Wiegand will tell their stories. As his wife Casey has noted following the unprecedented response to his work, Chris has always been “a dreamer and a storyteller.” And now he’s put his unrivaled talents to use to seek the answer to an ages-old question that has too-long alluded man: what the hell is a blog anyway?

Already, Wiegand’s work has spurred others to follow in his footsteps.


  • abramvaldezCS

    Not to judge based on the trailer, but that’s 15,000 miles of good looking white folks.

  • D. Shapiro

    “Blogger” is a funny word.

  • RAB

    There was one mixed race chick that was pretty hot.

  • Brett Moore

    Thank you, Jason. I feel way better about my personal level of self-absorption now.