Why Dirk Nowitzki is the Most Under-Appreciated NBA Superstar

It involves the phrase "Oh, come on, Dirk!"

(photo by Flickr user keithallison)
(photo by Flickr user keithallison)

I’ve probably written more words about Dirk Nowitzki than any other subject I’ve written about, about half of which have been the phrase “I SEE YOU, BIG GERMAN!” It’s long been my contention that, despite all Dirk has done for basketball in Dallas, he’s never been fully appreciated by the city. Liked? For sure. Loved? Definitely by more than a few. But that’s different than appreciated. The folks at ESPN’s True Hoop site were kind enough to let me expound on that idea here as part of its True Cities series. And I managed not to say “I SEE YOU, BIG GERMAN” even once.


  • Dubious Brother

    What other NBA super star has to compete with the team owner for press?