Why Conan O’Brien Should Have Councilman Philip Kingston as a Guest

Let's make some TV magic.

O’Brien, Kingston, Richter

As you probably know, Conan O’Brien comes to town Monday to broadcast a week of shows from the Majestic. That got me thinking. You know who I think sounds a whole lot like Conan’s sidekick, Andy Richter? I think District 14 Councilman Philip T. Kingston does. If you’ve never heard him speak, have a quick listen. And that got me thinking that not only does Philip T. Kingston sound like Andy Richter, but he actually kind of looks like him, too. A thin version of Richter. Or, or! More like the love child of Conan and Richter. Is it just me?


  • DanKollerPeople

    Former Morning News reporter Joshua Benton has also been described as Conan and Richter’s love child:


  • Wylie H Dallas

    What about getting Kingston to agree to allow Conan to stand in for him at a City Council meeting or briefing? The comedic possibilities stagger the mind.

    • Tim Rogers

      I think I speak for everyone when I say that an extended exchange between Conan and Caraway is in the city’s best interest.

  • meliisa

    people have been comparing PTK to Conan for years. also, DO has nothing…seriously nothing … to do