Where in the World Is Rachael Dedman?

If you're out there, Rachael, give us a sign.


Rachael Dedman is a Dallas socialite (whatever that means) and a member of the Dedman family (duh). She is buddies with Al Hill III and his family. Way back in 2010, Dedman was floating a theory that District Attorney Craig Watkins was in cahoots with Lisa Blue, and the two were working to wring about $50 million in legal fees out of Hill. It’s a very complicated story. Go here to catch up, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. That link will take you to a February 2013 post, and you’ll notice that Dedman showed up in the comments to drop some more knowledge on us. She took her theories to Facebook, too, where she regularly posted updates on the Hill v. Blue matter and how she thought Watkins was involved. Back in 2010, I had a long conversation with Dedman about all this. We exchanged emails. Our last communication was in January 2012.

Here’s the thing: Rachael Dedman was right. About all of it. Craig Watkins never had to address the matter in court, refusing to appear before the judge, getting hit with a contempt charge, then wriggling off the hook on a technicality. But Dedman knew what she was talking about. We know that now. Two years ago, though, I thought it sounded too preposterous to be true. The DA puts the screws to a member of the Hunt family as a favor to a powerful donor who established a scholarship in the DA’s name at SMU? Naw, never.

Well, a couple months ago, I started hearing rumors about Dedman’s disappearance. I heard she had left Dallas for some unknown reason. Her kids’ school events, society parties — Dedman wasn’t showing up anywhere people were used to seeing her. That includes Facebook. On September 12, 2013, she wrote:

Today I am especially grateful for my loving husband of 20+ years and the most supportive in-laws one could ever dream of having. And of course, my amazing parents who gave me “roots & wings” and my brother who has a Faith that inspires all who know him! I am truly blessed beyond measure.

Then: silence. She hasn’t posted a thing since. I tried to contact her. Bupkis.

Has Rachael Dedman gone into hiding? Is she trying to avoid a subpoena? I’ve heard other theories. Perhaps we’ll get some new ones in the comments. Or maybe, just maybe, we’ll hear from Dedman herself. Rachael, are you out there?


  • WmBTravis

    We sure she is not a news reader for Fox News . . . sure has that look!

  • Anonymous

    Now that the election is over, it wouldn’t hurt to ask again.