Special D Magazine Guesstigation: The DMN and the Home-Rule DISD Group

Words are fun.


In today’s Metro section, above the fold, there appear two stories, a James Ragland column about the DISD home-rule effort (executive summary: “Whoa, I have some questions about this group. No answers. Just questions.”) and a news story by Matthew Haag about groups that oppose the home-rule effort (executive summary: “Some groups oppose the home-rule effort.”). As I say, the stories abut each other. What’s curious is that Ragland calls the home-rule group Save Our Public Schools (which also appears in the print headline), while Haag refers to the group as Support Our Public Schools. The explanation for this discrepancy is simple. THE GROUP IS SO SHADOWY AND SECRETIVE THAT IT WON’T EVEN TELL US ITS REAL NAME.


  • amyhuntindallas

    THANK you. I figured DMN would correct it in the online version, but nope! Wouldn’t it be cool if there were editors anymore?

  • Eric Celeste

    WHOA! Hold on there, cabbage patch. Before we go into content, I have a question: What is that thing you took a picture of? Is it a painting of the stuff I read online? If so, why is it so ugly? Is that the point? Is it Dadaism?

  • RAB

    The problem is, you’re seeing the picture out of context. The photographer should have pulled back and shown the whole scene: the comfy couch, the steaming cup of coffee, the dog on the couch with you nuzzled against your thigh, the pile of already read sections strewn at your feet.

    Then you would get it. An iPad just doesn’t do that for you.

  • joeptone

    Pretty sure it’s “Shit, Our Public Schools”

  • gimmethewooby

    Newspaper lays off editors, pubic none the wiser.

  • EricS

    DMN should publish a “track changes” version of their daily paper where frustrated editors, never-been reporters and former stringers can take out their frustrations.