Pie Five Pitchmen Smackdown: Derek Holland vs. Mike Modano

It's not really much of a contest.

We could pretend this is a real contest, but of the two newly released commercials for fast-casual chain Pie Five featuring Dallas sports personalities, Derek Holland of the Texas Rangers is clearly the class of the field. Sure, I’m biased as a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, since Holland’s Harry Caray impersonation is put to fine use. He didn’t even need to throw in the Schwarzenegger bit.

Mike Modano’s ad, except for the gag about the Stanley Cup at the end of the blooper reel, is disappointing by comparison. The only real question is how well Holland stacks up against Troy Aikman and Wingstop.

By the way, you can read our story about Pie Five’s CEO (“We’re not curing cancer, we’re not putting people on the moon,” he says. “I’m just Randy. It’s just pizza.”), in the latest issue of D CEO.


  • Bill Jones

    Derek Holland’s outtakes are significantly funnier than the commercial itself.

  • Bob Jones

    Both great commercials with each their own personalities, makes sense if that’s how you make your own pizza.

  • TLS

    I love Harry Caray impersonations. It’s one of my flaws.