Mike Rawlings Walks Out of Dallas ISD Home-Rule Meeting

Was it, as Jim Schutze writes, a "debacle"?

Unfair Park is reporting that when political consultant Anna Casey grilled Mike Rawlings regarding statistics he was citing on how poorly Dallas ISD is serving its students, the mayor walked out of a closed meeting with Hispanic leaders at an East Dallas church last night. Schutze calls it a “debacle”:

When she persisted, Rawlings stammered and then stalked out without saying a word, the sources said. The 25 to 30 attendees were apparently astounded. His behavior was denounced as thin-skinned and disrespectful, even by conservative Republican Latino leaders normally in the mayor’s camp.

I have messages in since last night to Rawlings, the political consultants running the home-rule push and to Jeronimo Valdez, who was supposed to be Rawlings’ Latino consigliere for the meeting. I told them I was hearing that they’d botched the meeting, and I asked for comment. Valdez texted me back saying he would be happy to chat in the morning. I will let you know what he says and, if I hear from the other two, I will pass on their version of things as well.

Two sides to every story, right? But, man, I sure got an earful last night from the people Rawlings walked out on. They were not impressed.


  • Joe

    Has anything good come from this push so far? I don’t see any interesting dialogue about how to improve the DISD, but just a bunch of empty attacks and political posturing from both sides. And it gets worse every day that this goes on.

  • CTC

    Mari Woodlief is on a big, fat losing streak.

  • Lisa

    Has anyone explained what happens to the magnet schools in this home rule charter plan?

  • Eric Foster

    Can you imagine the Mayor walking out on a meeting of The Dallas Citizens Council or Downtown Dallas?
    It says something about a person, and his audience, when he thinks he can do that.
    Sounds like something the Mayor might have done with his kids, but never his wife.

  • Anonymous

    Mayor Rawlings’ remarks and behavior at this meeting supports the notion that SOPS is a Charter School political action committee (PAC). And, going by his remarks at the meeting with the DMN editorial board, it’s a PAC with lots of loot! Might as well get this out in the open.

  • June Marie

    If this counts as Mayor Rawlings interview for taking on the role of CEO of public schools, seems pretty clear that he’s not our guy. Shouldn’t one of the criteria for leader of public schools be “possessing an openness and willingness towards diverse input and perspectives and to adjust appropriately”, or something like that?