Leading Off (3/31/14)

The Final Four is set, an Irving mom makes a terrible decision, and Kaufman County looks back, a year after three killings.

Big D Reads Kicks Off: Subbing in for Cristina today, as she’s hopping on and off DART trains, handing out free copies of S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders. So if you’re at Mockingbird Station, the West End station, or Union Station this morning, grab a copy and read with us. Then download the Big D Reads app, and come to some of our events. Or don’t read with us, and throw the book to a kid. Actually, read with us and buy a copy of a book for a kid. Thanks.

A Year After Kaufman County Killings, A Community Tries to Move On: Twelve months ago, we all looked for connections between the murder of three Kaufman County residents and the Aryan Brotherhood. Those connections never arrived, and now Eric and Kim Williams are awaiting a capital murder trial for the deaths of Mike and Cynthia McLelland and Mark Hasse. After the killings, I spent some time in Kaufman for a story. I found the people to be resilient, if a bit (understandably) terrified. The DMN captured a lot of those feelings in a well-written piece.

Irving Mom Charged With Manslaughter After Crash Kills Two Sons: Just…Jesus. Don’t drink and drive.

Final Four Set: North Texas is about to be inundated with Badgers, Gators, Huskies, and Wildcats. (As a Wisconsin grad, really poor timing by Daglas today missing Leading Off.) Now the question: do I root for UConn? They beat my alma mater in overtime in the first round, then beat our top rival in the second round. Other consideration: my best man went to UConn. Please discuss.