Leading Off (3/28/14)

Abortion law upheld, sad end for a Dallas man, and a world record for a Denton woman.

Strange choice of photo in the Morning News.
Strange choice of photo in the Morning News.

Appeals Court Upholds Texas Abortion Restrictions. On Thursday the New Orleans-based 5th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the trial court’s ruling that the tougher requirements passed last year by the legislature are unconstitutional. The law has already forced 19 clinics to shut down, and more closures are likely as more of the law’s provisions go into effect this year.

Hoarder’s Body Found in M Streets Home. Though police had been looking for 67-year-old Skip Bynum since last Saturday when friends expressed concerns about his well-being, he couldn’t be located due to large piles of debris throughout his house. Contractors hired to clean the place out discovered Bynum on Thursday.

Denton Woman Sets World Record for Breast-Milk Donation. Alyse Ogletree has given 53,081 ounces to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas. Another point of pride for my hometown.


  • Dan

    Strange photo indeed. They look like they just won the lottery.