Leading Off (3/27/14)

WFAA and Star-Telegram Now Teammates. WFAA ended its content partnership with next-door neighbor the Dallas Morning News last, hmm, Let’s just say recently, it’s been looking for a new paper to be superfriends with. After a brief dalliance with the Grapevine Sun that we now all see was just a ruse to get a better deal, The House That Chip Moody Built Or At Least Briefly Lived in is now buddied up with the Star-T.

WFAA Totally Happy It Doesn’t Have To Do Anything With This Steve Blow Column About Teens Using Marijuana. Yeah, I don’t really understand what legalizing pot in Colorado has to do with anything else in here either. I assume it has to do with induced topicality, a problem I just made up.

Nic Moore’s Three-Pointer Sends SMU to New York. They’ll face Clemson in the NIT semifinals at Madison Square Garden. Pretty solid.

What Would Now Cost Someone A Nickel? This.