Leading Off (3/26/14)

Coalition against home rule forms; teens body found in creek; pig reunited with owner

Coalition Against Home Rule Forms. The coalition, made up of trustees Carla Ranger and Bernadette Nutall and representatives for blacks, Hispanics, administrators, and teachers, believes that the home-rule initiative for DISD would take away teachers’ and voters’ rights and turn the district over to charter operators.

Teen’s Body Found in Creek. On Monday, two students skipped class and went to play along Five Mile Creek. One, 14-year-old Javar Smith, got in the water where he started struggling. His friend couldn’t swim, so he ran to get help at school. He told a family member what had happened, but that person didn’t believe him. On Tuesday, the kid told a school official. Later in the day, Smith’s body was found.

Bacon Reunited With Owner. Sany Jimenez, 17, lost her potbellied pig on Friday. It was a fretful weekend for the teenager, but finally, yesterday, she was reunited with Bacon. The pig found his way to the home of a man who had to take a picture of him when he saw him because he feared people would think he was drunk if he didn’t. He also had thoughts of putting Bacon on the grill, but instead, turned him over to Arlington police. If you don’t like cute pets being reunited with owners, at least watch this for all the puns the reporter was able to work in (yes, bringing home the Bacon was used).