Leading Off (3/13/14)

Two Dead, 23 Injured After Alleged Drunk Driver Plows Through Crowd at SXSW. Not local, I know, but I’m sure many of you know someone down there. The incident happened around 12:30 a.m. when, according to authorities, a grey sedan, pulled over for a traffic stop, attempted to elude police by driving the wrong way on a one-way street, and then turned onto the closed Red River Street, one of the the most crowded pedestrian thoroughfares during the festival. The people injured were in line outside the Mohawk club; our FrontRow photographer Andi Harman was right there 15 minutes earlier. The driver hit a cab and another car before the driver attempted to flee on foot. It took a taser to subdue him, but he was caught and is facing two counts of capital murder. (UPDATE: Our Chris Mosley was on the scene.)

$60 Million Allen Football Stadium May Need Partial Teardown. Thanks to massive structural problems and safety concerns. It’s been open less than two years. Good work, everyone.

Dirk Nowitzki Now 12th On All-Time NBA Scoring List. He passed Celtics legend John Havlicek. That’s not bad at all. I’m not really feeling it right now, but I can’t really not do it so: I see you, Big German.


  • dawn

    check your date after “Leading Off”……..

  • Gitchy

    2 things: No, 1 – Austin – Tragic – the perp should be dragged down 6th Street with his own car OR like the kid in Fort Worth who Killed a family (4) driving drunk with his car and got a spanking, contact that Judge.
    No. 2 – Only the “out-of-touch with way too much money” would build a Performing Arts Complex in the middle of 3 highways. Can someone tell me what was the matter with Fair Park, oh wait, no one could put their NAME on the buildings, or write it off or look like a hero!! Such a shame!!