Leading Off (3/10/14)

Wylie Teens Murder Schoolmate, Keller Man Abroad Missing Flight, and a Really Expensive Parking Lot.

Wylie Teens Found “Burying a Body.” Two 16-year-old Wylie East High School students were charged with first-degree murder Sunday in the killing of  Ivan Mejia, a fellow Wylie classmate. Mejia was 17. Police claim the two juveniles killed Mejia Saturday and were found near the woods in Garland around 9:30 p.m. When asked what they were doing, they allegedly responded, “burying a body.” Police say the murder was planned, though no motive has been released.

Keller Man on Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight. Philip Wood, an IBM exec who was moving to Kuala Lumpur from Beijing, was one of 239 aboard the flight. He had recently visited family in North Texas. There is still little understanding of what happened to the plane, and according to the New York Times, the mysteries are multiplying.

Grand Prairie Park-and-Ride Lot Under Construction, No Public Transportation Nearby. Soon, Grand Prairie will unveil a $14.7 million facility for … carpoolers. Because, yes, in a city that loves its cars what everyone will want to do is commute together. There’s even talk of developing an app to connect complete strangers who would like to share their ride. That’s often called a bus. Or Lyft. But hey, best of luck!


  • CSP

    I think the snarkiness over Grand Prairie’s plans might be a bit misguided. This seems rather similar to what has evolved in a very, very successful way in the Washington DC area over the past 20+ years: impromptu locations, which I believe have been formalized over the years, to allow those seeking rides to be picked up by those offering rides who wanted to take advantage of HOV-3 lanes on I-395. There will of course be differences in terms of how this play out in different parts of the country, and I’m wondering if a top-down approach to carpooling will be less successful than that which evolved organically in the DC area, but at least Grand Prairie is attempting something which might both reduce cars on the road and give its commuters additional options to travel where the want or need to go.