Kristen Bell Rolls With Gordon Keith’s Soft Punches

Word play and cannibalism jokes ahead.

Local media personality (and finalist for the Mike Royko Award for Commentary/Column Writing in the 2014 ASNE Awards) Gordon Keith regularly does intentionally awkward interviews with visiting celebrities, and they’re only as good as the person across from him. Kristen Bell, promoting the Veronica Mars movie, was more than up to the task.


  • Elizabeth Johnstone

    I obviously love this so much.

  • Not Buffy

    What exactly is this guy’s appeal? I didn’t get the memo.

    • Ted

      He’s the Stage Manager of our Baja Oklahoma Grover’s Corners.

    • DelkusSleeves

      that’s ok, he was not trying to appeal to you then. Carry on

    • lamboplis

      60 is the new 40 and being a jerk is the new talent.

  • My real name is Todd

    I have hard time relating to Gordon’s columns because he writes about topics he knows, but rarely explains about his personal experiences.His scolumn about divorce comes to mind. His manta that he “doesn’t want anyone to know him, but wants everyone to understand” him will only work for so long.

  • Adam

    It’s a cosmically perfect statement about the state of Dallas culture that this guy continues to pass as a wit, or a comedian, or a raconteur, or a writer, or a personality of any merit. Someone even mildly interesting comes to town, and we continue to meet them with the likes of Gordon Keith and Gary Cogill. Surely we have more talented interviewers in Dallas. Robert Wilonsky and John McCaa can only attend so many events with their prepared, well-read intellects and actual senses of humor. God how I miss Glenn Mitchell.