Intern at D Magazine Partners

Fill out your application now.

You’ve got just a little more than a month to send in your application for a summer internship position at D Magazine Partners. Two things:

1. Come intern with us. We’ve got a lot of great opportunities, you’ll be a part of a fun team, and you’ll make life-long friends (seriously).

2. Start filling out your application now. I know you’re thinking you have an entire month to work on that app, but you know what’s going to happen? You’re going to forget. Then you’re going to get busy. Then you’ll remember it at the last minute, and dash off a half-baked answer on question No. 2 and end up on a back page in the magazine highlighting some of our most memorable applicants. Don’t end up on the back page. Fill out your application now.

If you’re not convinced this is the internship for you, send me a note. I’ll gladly talk to you about our program.