IM Just Saying: The Megan Henderson Earthquake Q&A

Oh, how the Dallas airwaves miss Megan.

You remember Megan Henderson. She came to Dallas in 2003 to anchor Good Day with Tim Ryan. Then our pond grew too small for that comely fish, and in 2009 Henderson left us for Los Angeles, where she now does the morning show on KTLA. On St. Patrick’s Day, an earthquake rattled the set while the two were on the air. A YouTube video of what happened next has been viewed more than 10 million times. After I convinced Megan that learning how to Gchat wouldn’t be difficult, she fielded a few questions about the quake and her lust for whipped cream.

Tim: You there?

Megan: Yes. Wow this is so fancy.

Tim: Told you it would be easy. Thanks for doing this.

Megan: No problem. Anything for you guys.

Tim: Ah, you’re sweet. Okay, so how has that earthquake changed your life? That video of you and your co-anchor, Chris Schauble, has destroyed the internet.

Megan: Haaa! It’s been pretty insane.. just watching it all unfold. We like to say it didn’t go viral, it went NUCLEAR. Nothing life changing just yet.. but it has been really great to hear from people I haven’t spoken with in 10 years!

Tim: For my money, Chris really missed an opportunity. After the two of you dove under the desk, he should have come back up with his tie askew and his hair all mussed up. Then he should have said, “Was it as good for you as it was for me?” Or: “Did you feel the earth move?” I’m still workshopping that joke.

Megan: Hilarious!

Tim: I imagine you’ve gotten interview requests from all over the country — and the world?

Megan: He’s really the rock star in all of this… I was more of the back-up singer. Few want to talk to the back-up singer (didn’t they just make a documentary about that)? I’ve only had a couple of local radio shows interested while he’s been inundated with requests from the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, etc. It’s been really fun to see which countries have picked it up though — Japan, Scotland, Australia, the list goes on and on…

Tim: I saw on Twitter that you refer to Chris as your “TV husband.” How do you think that makes poor ol’ Tim Ryan feel?

Megan: Tim knows he will always and forever be one of my absolute favorite “EX” TV husband’s.. which, as he knows, is quite the honor. Seriously, Tim and I still talk all the time. He’s still one of my favorite people on the planet. I miss that curmudgeon a ton.

Tim: I promised not to keep you long. I’ll keep that promise. Just a couple more. What do you miss most about Dallas? And you can’t say “the food” or “the people.”

Megan: Ohhhhhhh you’re tough…….. Honestly, I miss the feeling of living in a big “small town.” That and Mambo Taxis.

Tim: Mambos. Nice. Not really a food. So I think you found a loophole there. You still doing shots of whipped cream straight out of the can? The internet is full of interesting info about you.

Megan: Ha! I’ve given up the shots of whipped cream. I’m on a chocolate pudding kick right now. Go figure?

Tim: Alright, lady. I’m glad you didn’t die under that desk with Chris. You’ve come a long way since your first gig in Wichita Falls. No offense to Lauren Pryzbyl (if that’s how you spell her name), but we miss you.

Megan: You’re the best! I miss you guys a ton too.. truly. Please give DFW a hug for me.

Tim: Consider it done. I’m going to start with Wick. Then I’ll work my way through our sales department. Long, warm, deep hugs.

Megan: Perfect!


  • Dan

    I did not realize that was Megan Henderson when I first watched this. I quit watching Fox in the morning when she left. For some reason it always stood out to me how she would cut her eyes “Walk Like an Egyptian” style when speaking to Tim. Kind of like the way she is pictured above. I guarantee she was highly influenced by that video. I plan on swinging by the D offices for my hug.

  • joeptone

    Great post, but you clicked the wrong category in your CMS. “Tim Seizes Chance to Flirt With Hot Lady (Again)” is three categories down, I believe.

  • Tim Rogers

    Sir, I have no idea what you are talking about. Megan is a respected journalist with a degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. Furthermore, she is active in many charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Children’s Cancer Fund. If all you see is a quote-unquote “hot lady,” then I suggest you return the sexist eyeglasses you wear to Warby Parker and get a refund.

  • joeptone

    Walter Conkrite: also hot.

  • Eric Celeste


  • DF Wick

    Tim, I’m waiting. My arms are open wide.

  • Eric Celeste