FC Dallas Ditches the Hoops (Kind Of)

I hope you like red.

NEWFCDALLASThe team unveiled its new jersey last night and, from a distance, it looks as though the red-and-white stripes that gave the team its nickname — Hoops — are gone. They’re still there, just now in a very subtle red-on-red pattern. Why all the red? Apparently, the team is hoping fans adopt its new, suggested rally cry: “Red for 90.” (As in, 90 minutes. Of course, soccer matches almost always include stoppage time, so playing hard for only 90 minutes could be slightly problematic as an actual game plan. But “Red for 90-ish” doesn’t roll off the tongue quite the same way. Anyway.) I like ’em — especially the “Dallas ‘Til I Die” running on the inside of the neck, which I wouldn’t mind as a larger element. FC Dallas kicks off its season tomorrow night at Toyota Stadium against the Montreal Impact.


  • JSSS

    Dallas ’til I die, or at least until I get to Plano Parkway