Active Shooter in Victory Park

FINAL UPDATE: The shooter” was never active, unless, of course, he was doing jumping jacks to pass the time while the well-armed Dallas SWAT doused his apartment with gas, but I doubt it. No charges have been filed. No weapons have been found thus far. The man is reported to have mental health issues. The local TV stations are grateful for the ratings.

Original post:

Word is that Victory Park is on lockdown as police pursue an active shooter in the area. The AT&T Performing Arts Center issued a release saying they are on lockdown as well. Maybe the D offices are on lockdown too. I don’t know. I’m writing this from the safety of Oak Cliff. Stay safe out there people.

UPDATE: Reports are that the incident began when a man in his mid-30s was being evicted from the Vista Apartments building on N. Houston Street.

UPDATE 2 (12:16 P.M.): SWAT is on the scene, police spokesman says. Situation is “contained” but “still ongoing.” Perot Museum and DMA are also on lockdown.

UPDATE 3 (12:50 P.M.) And the suspect has been apprehended. According to a police spokesman no one was injured.


  • Bizarro Big Tex

    An individual barricaded in an apartment. refusing to follow governmental edicts or directions? Has anyone seen Eric Celeste or Jim Schutze this morning? Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

  • sherman

    I believe they sentenced him to the nearby Hard Rock. Chain gang. Sledgehammer. Cheese fries and water.

  • GVC

    I keep reading there was an active shooter. Did he actually shoot anybody or anything?