A Fake Mustache and Fat Suit Could Double Your Prison Time

If you're the Mesh Mask Bandit, anyway.

That’s the case if you’re the Mesh Mask Bandit, anyway. Former immigrants rights activist Luis De la Garza, of Farmers Branch, pled guilty last November to robbing five banks with a BB pistol and a mask apparently made of mesh.

Now, according to the Morning News, prosecutors are asking that De la Garza be sentenced this Thursday to 20 years in prison, when the usual sentence for his crimes would be 8-10 years. Their justification is evidence that he showed no signs of giving up his bank-robbing ways at the time he was arrested:

They found inside his vehicle a pair of black gloves, two black ballcaps, a black neoprene mask, two women’s stockings (tan), a fake mustache and a “fat suit” to disguise his appearance, the motion said.

“The only way to curb his appetite for high-risk behavior and protect the public from further crimes of the defendant is to sentence him to an adequate term of imprisonment,” [prosecutor Keith] Robinson said in the motion.


  • zaccrain

    What if he was earning extra money as a clown? Or a Dom Deluise impersonator? Or what if he is actually Andy Kaufman?