Where I Am Currently Considering Having Cocktails on Friday

Let's drink some drinks and make some bad decisions.

My wife is out of town. She left me in charge of our kids for five days. I think I speak for fathers everywhere when I say that as soon as my lovely bride returns to town, I am going cash in my accumulated brownie points and go on an epic, NSFW rumshpringa the likes of which North Texas has not seen since the days when the Cowboys were running the White House. You heard me. So I’m casting about for something to do on Friday. And, lo, comes the included digital flier inviting me to eat and greet and drink with Courtney Kerr and Tori Gonzalez at a joint in Plano called Blue Martini, where patrons are encouraged to “dress to impress and show off your ego!” This is so me. Who’s in?


  • Avid Reader

    Will there be a Recap?

  • CSP

    That sounds awesome, and you should totally bring the kids too.

  • Jeff Duffey

    @Tim – Blue Martini? In Plano? Courtney Kerr? You’re better than this.

    • Tim Rogers

      Jeff, I’m probably just lazier than this. That’s all.

  • TheSlowPath

    I assume you’ll be wearing your trophy tuxedo? Or is this more of a stunt Tuxedo event? Will there be water sports?

    • Tim Rogers

      Water sports? Ew.

  • TLS

    Is that poster from the time when Dawn toured without Tony Orlando?

  • WmBTravis

    She better frame that piece of art, as it is “amazing” in its abstraction of her face. Did that come from the bath-tub photoshoot?

    “We mock what we don’t understand.”

  • Brett Moore

    I’m in.

  • Jefferson

    What’s worse Courtney or 972?

  • Eric Celeste

    This is a few hundred yards from the day job office. So I will be at the bar.

  • David Burrows

    North of 635 cuff links already selected.