Rep. Stefani Carter’s ‘Life-Altering Accident’ Was Her Own Fault

Rule No. 1 of politics: don't say stupid things.

No doubt you’ve been following along. But go here if you haven’t. Short version: Stefani Carter, who is running for reelection in House District 102, said she had a car accident that could have killed her. She referred to the accident as “life altering.” She compared the accident to an ordeal suffered by one of her opponents, Sam Brown, who was blown up by an IED in Afghanistan and suffered burns on 30 percent of his body. But she declined to give any details about the accident. Well, the DMN now has those details:

The police report said neither Carter nor [Rolando Cerezo, the man she hit] were injured in the crash. Neither driver was ticketed. Cerezo’s front, left wheel was smashed in, breaking it off the axle. He said the car was a total loss. Cerezo also said he was surprised to hear that Carter’s SUV was totaled. He said that it merely lost a bumper and that Carter drove it into an adjacent parking lot.

This is surprising, indeed. Because Rep. Stefani Carter has been vindicated. Prior to the accident, she was driving an SUV with a front bumper on it. Today, though, she is apparently driving an SUV with only 50 percent of its factory-installed bumpers. She did, indeed, have a life-altering accident.

UPDATE (1:03) Here’s a statement from Sam Brown: “Her comparison is disrespectful, not to me, but to the thousands of other men and women who have been awarded the Purple Heart as a result of wounds suffered in a true act of service. It is disgraceful to compare a minor, at-fault fender bender to the life-threatening sacrifices made by so many soldiers who have been wounded during battle.”


  • RAB

    Hold on. She claimed that she “totaled” her car in her life-altering accident. Either this was not the accident she was referring to — or she lied about her car being totaled.

  • Avid Reader

    Think you have your cover story Tim. If only her lie was more of an actual lie and involved something like teenaged single motherhood or cutting some fellow student’s hair 20 years ago you could probably pull not only a cover, but a follow up as well.

  • Monte Malone

    I’d be willing to bet Wick’s summer place that if you checked her phone history, she was on it at the time she creamed that guys Honda.