Rep. Stefani Carter (Sorta) Answers Questions About Her ‘Terrible Accident’

Seriously, District 102? You're thinking about reelecting this lady?

A week ago, we raised some questions about remarks that Rep. Stefani Carter made at a District 102 candidates’ forum. She said she was seeking reelection, in part, because she “could have died” in a “terrible” car crash, and that caused her to examine what was important in life. The Morning News’ editorial board asked her for some details about the crash and brings us these answers from Carter. The answers are worse than terrible. I was careful in that post last week not to call her a liar. But it is clear now that she is lying — or at least exaggerating so much that we’d all agree her tale is the decimal approximation of a lie. (PS: Thanks to the News for the hat tip in the article to D Magazine for bringing this to light.)


  • Wylie H Dallas

    Did you bother to read the DMN story? Something’s not right with Carter.

  • David Burrows

    Why do candidates offer examples of situations, life moments, etc., but refuse to talk about them when they are asked to explain details. Choose your soundbites carefully people.

    • Wylie H Dallas


  • Truther

    A life-changing accident for which you can’t remember the date? Sheesh, I remember the date when I walked out to the parking lot and my side mirror had been anonymously sheared off. No, Tim doesn’t have any actual facts to say she’s lying. However, Stefani has all of the facts to show definitively she isn’t. And she’s not sharing. Try to remember who started all of this…

    • Adam

      I say ignore you all. This is a stupid story about nothing. Reminds me of Seinfeld.

  • Brandon

    The burden of proof is on the one making the claim. In that case, that would be Stefani Carter. In a public forum, she likened the trials and tribulations of a brave US combat veteran to a traumatic incident of her own. OK, great! I’d love to hear more about it Ms. Carter.

    If she could validate her story and its likeness to Sam Brown’s, she would talk about her story and her triumphant recovery ad nauseum. But alas, she will only offer vague details. It is probably just too difficult to talk about. Poor girl. Let’s just hope the lord gives her strength to endure through this tough time.

  • RAB

    She claims that she had an accident where she “totaled” her car. Okay, then there would be a police report. One doesn’t “total” ones car and then just drive off. Police would called. Statements would be taken. Another party would be involved — or not. If not another car, what did she crash into? If it was enough to total her car, it would cause property damage, either to public property or private property. Again, this would not happen without some kind of police incident report. Some DMN or D magazine reporter needs to do some reporting here.

  • Anonymous

    I read the DMN story. I think it’s odd that she’s reluctant to talk about a story she brought up. But I still want to know what exactly it is that Tim is now flat out saying is a lie, and why he says so, other than some vague feeling that “something’s not right.”

    And no, there’s no “burden of proof” on her to do anything. It’s not a court, and she doesn’t owe anyone a lengthy explanation. If she doesn’t want to explain, she’ll have to live with people questioning it (or could choose to prove it). But really, in polite society, we take each other’s statements in good faith, and the “burden” is on the guy that starts shouting “Lie!” to show he’s not just being a dick. If you, Brandon, said you were nearly in an accident this morning, and I said you were lying, I don’t think you’d feel any obligation at all to prove it to me. And any reasonable listener would expect me to back up my accusation. In this case, I can’t even tell specifically what the lie is supposed to be.

    I don’t know Carter, she’s not my rep – I just also think “something’s not right” when the local media start making accusations with (as far as I can tell) no basis at all.

  • Tim Rogers

    Here’s what it takes to get an accident report:

    A requester needs the following:

    1. The report number if available.
    2. The name of one of the individuals involved in the accident.
    3. The exact location of the accident.
    4. The date and time of the accident.

    That and $6 will get Rep. Carter her accident report. I’d be happy to take a look at it and post a sincere apology for calling her a liar and even spend an afternoon hammering in yard signs for her. But something tells me that she’s not going to produce a report.

  • Joe

    If you are a politician and raise a point based on a significant historical event that should be subject to easy verification, but refuse to give any details and no record is available to confirm said event, society and/or the press is free to label you a liar. You may not be, but this isn’t a court of law and all. Of course, they do so at their own peril because if they are wrong, Carter should easily be able to demonstrate that. But if she doesn’t, well, I guess we have our answer.

  • Bob

    Have y’all looked at Sam? Oh my fucking God. I feel sorry for the guy. I guess he will get my vote! If Carter had lost a limb or too I’d probably consider voting for her.

  • Avid Reader

    She should answer the questions or change her name to Wendy Davis.

  • Bob

    I agree with Timmy Rogers. You can’t trust black republicans. Just look at Clarence Thomas and Colin Powell

    • RAB

      Gratuitous race trolling, which will not work. Independent of that, trying to put Carter on Thomas’s and Powell’s level is the same stupidity as Tom Perkins’ comparing the war on the 1% with the Holocaust.

  • Brandon

    She is an elected official. It is the responsibility of the voting public to hold our elected officials accountable for their words and actions.

    She specifically stated that this incident served as her motivation to continue her public service in this capacity. If that comment doesn’t hold up to the slightest bit of scrutiny, then we are forced to call into questions the legitimacy of the story and thus her motivations to serve in public office.

  • Adam

    I don’t see how she is “lying” about a terrible car accident just because she doesn’t offer details. I am sure she was in an accident if she said she was. I mean, if you accused her of participating in a sex trade would you expect her to produce her panties?

  • Adam

    You guys are racist! Stefani should join the Democratic Party!

  • Sam

    Her car was TOTALLED! Give me a break.

    • Adrian Arenas

      Her car was fine the guy she hit, his car was totaled, google Stefani carter and there will be images to the car she hit, it looks totaled to me. her car on the other hand has a missing bumper and as I read another article she was able to drive it off after the accident. The guy even went in the middle of the street to retrieve HER Bumper because she couldn’t do it herself. I swear I want to go to district 109 and spread the word about her and make sure she is not voted back in. People like this do not deserve to be representatives.

  • taunt

    Stop taunting Carter. She made a careless remark. It seems she was in some sort of fender-bender, and it contributed to her thinking more deeply about life. There’s nothing wrong with that, nor is there anything very compelling about it. Stop acting like teenage prep school boys and start engaging her on topics that matter.

  • Tim Rogers

    Adam, you’re a troll, right? Either that, or you are reaching for a joke that I’m not getting. But just in case:

    She is the one who said she had an accident. I did not accuse her of having an accident. If I understand your comparison.

    And to those above: I do believe the burden of proof is on Carter. It’s dang near impossible for me to prove that she DIDN’T have an accident, especially without a time and location of said accident. Am I to file an open records request with every municipality in Texas? In the country? But it is VERY easy for Carter to prove that she did have an accident.

    I’ve made my wager. If she proves she totaled a car recently, I’ll hammer yard signs for her.

  • RAB

    We’ll spot you one “careless remark,” but if that is in fact what it was, she should own up to it and give us the details. Instead she doubled down on the remark — and has made it worse. She’s an elected official, and we should be able to trust that what she’s telling us is the truth. I’m happy to engage her on “topics that matter,” as long as I can be confident that she’ll be telling the truth on those topics.

  • Tim Rogers

    What you call “taunting” I would call “holding a public official accountable for a significant statement she made about .” It wasn’t a careless remark. Have you watched the video? Please do:

    She compared her “accident” to what Sam Brown suffered (despite what she told the DMN editorial board, she did compare the two). If I’m right, though, if she’s lying outright, that’s unforgivable. If she had a fender-bender and exaggerated when said, “I could have died,” then that’s not careless. It’s idiotic.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    It’s a story about character, or the lack thereof.

  • Tauntno2

    I agree with Taunt. I watched the video. She basically says she is lucky to be alive. She a acknowledges Sam’s war experience. I doubt she would lie about having an accident or having a new nephew or niece just to be “saying something.” If anything in the Dallas News she confirmed an accident as well as the serious nature of it. She never says it is the reason she sought re-election. If it happened this year, as she says, she would have already sought re-election. Um, buy a calendar? I think the campaigns of her opponents need to get a life regarding their comments. Finally, your stories like Gary Thomas re DART actually add value. This does not. But I understand people write things sometime for sex appeal. And she has it.

  • Avid Reader

    Where oh where have I recently heard of a Texas political figure who made “careless remarks” about her life story both in person and on her campaign bio pages and then when called out decided to double down on her lies? Did she make it worse? She’s an elected official, and we should be able to trust that what she’s telling us is the truth.

  • DFWGreen

    Not true at all. My wife was in a “minor” accident last fall, no injuries, no damage to the other car or any property, but the frame in her car was bent so our insurance company “totaled” it. No police report either

  • Mike

    Wait, i thought questioning the veracity of a female politicians story was a War On Women™.

  • Adrian Arenas

    What are her answers, the link is not working

  • John

    This is all politically motivated. This publication is starting to appear more and more like MSNBC. Thousand of people get into car accidents everyday. I just read that Ronando Cerezo (other driver) has publicly endorsed Adryana Boyne in the race. This guy is just looking for fame just like Joe the Plummer.

    February 17, 2014 8:07 AM

    Cater had tried to use the accident to gain advantage; it has backfired

    The man who was the victim in a car wreck caused by Rep. Stefani Cater, R-Dallas, now says he is supporting one of the three other Republicans running against her in the primary. Ronando Cerezo, who was profiled by the Dallas Morning News after it came to light that he was the victim in the accident that Rep. Cater had pointed to as life-changing, now says he supports conservative activist Adryana Boyne to succeed Carter.

    On Facebook, Cezero wrote “I don’t know anything about politics, but this accident has gotten me involved.” He said that he had a chance to meet Boyne and her family and said “they are all honest and promising Christian people, and Adryana has plenty of positive morals and I believe she would be a great representative in the state of Texas and all people of all races.” He then asked others to join him in supporting her for State Rep.

    Copyright February 17, 2014, Harvey Kronberg,, All rights are reserved