Polar Vortex Lays Waste to Dallas

Thank goodness I have stockpiled bottled water and D-cell batteries.


Here’s what happened to one unfortunate driver this morning near Mockingbird and Abrams. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s snowing. Let’s be careful out there, people.


  • Patty Alvey


    What a light journalistic treatment of a horrible accident. I saw this, this morning and thought more of prayer for whomever was in that car than of making light of Texas drivers. Danger is relative. Let’s hope the driver and passengers are okay.


  • ChrisW

    I’m not sure how this post makes light of an accident? But if you’re looking for “in depth journalistic reporting”, perhaps Front Burner shouldn’t your first choice….

  • Really

    I passed this, too, and it looked horrifying. It happened around 7:45 when there was little accumulation. Might not have been snow related.

  • Tim Rogers

    Is it the headline that bothers you? The body of the post itself doesn’t make light of anything. Or are you saying that it was “light journalistic treatment” because I didn’t pull over and ask questions?

    In any case, I passed this scene at about 8. No ambulance. Just one squad car and a tow truck. Yes, the car is upside down. But it is otherwise not in horrible shape. It’s not a mangled mess. No sign of fire.

    So, yes, I took a picture and posted it to Instagram. Then posted it to our blog when I got to the office. I wouldn’t call that journalism. Nor would I call it making light of Texas drivers (though I did say on Instagram that this is what happens when snow dusts Dallas because that is true). And of course I hope everyone involved is okay. Just as I hope that everyone who saw this picture will take things nice and slow on the way home today.

  • Kirk M

    I think Patty’s comment is directed at the snarky line, “In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s snowing.” It comes off a bit condescending, and its obviously a dig at the driver’s intelligence. Its just a tasteless remark, especially given the condition of the car. And I don’t know about you, but having your car upside down is considered ‘horrible shape’ in most cases.

  • Aren Cambre

    This was not snow related. I passed by at 7:25 AM, right as the first snowflakes started to hit my windshield. The road was dry.