Leading Off (2/4/14)

It's Tuesday. Almost there. Not really.

“Friends Say Murder Victim Was Fatally Shot Twice Over a Dispute Involving Tacos.” I don’t know how a person gets fatally shot not just once but twice. In any any case: please, people, tacos are widely available. Just stop it.

Harold Simmons Didn’t Leave You Any Money. His will was partially unsealed. Lots of names and so forth were redacted. Still, I feel pretty confident in saying that you can’t quit your job today.

D.A. Craig Watkins! Race! Inflammatory Comments! I didn’t hear the district attorney on the radio. But from reading this DMN account of what he said, I gather the following: Ethan Crouch is white. Josh Brent is black. D.A. Watkins is black. The jury in the Brent case had black people on it. And white people. Tom Nowak is running against Watkins. Nowak is white. There is another candidate running against Watkins. She is a female. I’m not going to mention her name. She knows why.

Another Reason the DMN Is Struggling. Jacquielynn Floyd writes a column about a very local issue. I’m talking, of course, about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s apparent overdose.


  • Thomas

    How exactly is the DMN struggling? Their journalism and financial position is in a much better place than 3-5 years ago. If anything, they seem to be rebounding.

    • DMNStaffer

      Per our CEO, we are struggling to compensate for our constantly dwindling print circulation with much less profitable online products, resulting in a constant revenue decrease for the foreseeable future and a broken business model.

  • Tim Rogers

    There is all that, yes. And then there’s the unfunded pension liability. But even replacing the Metro columnists isn’t going to remedy that.

  • Tim Rogers

    This was published nearly a year ago. Since then, AH Belo has sold the Providence paper. But the gist is still the same. Have a look:


  • Mr. Rick

    @Tim – you either didn’t read the the analysis or you are deliberately misleading your readers. Mr. Heitman acknowledges the pension liability is large and a drain on revenues, but it is not a cause for concern because there are clear plans to reduce it via planned funding and attrition (i.e. more than just Metro columnists). Look for more young talent or your model (i.e. “hiring” freelance writers as positioning them as columnists and F/T employees).

    He also points out that the paper is not at risk of being bought out on the cheap from a Warren Buffet or other oligarchs because (Heitman insinuates) the paper is not in big trouble relative to its peers.

    Heitman is disappointed that DMN’s revenues have not kept pace with the surging local economy. On that point, show me a major newspaper that is leading the way with innovative business models.