Leading Off (2/27/14)

Reckless interrogations, bonkers state lege races, and fire.

City Council Approves $1.2 Million Settlement After Reckless Interrogation By Homicide Detective. You can see video of that interrogation right here.

District 110 Race Remains Bonkers. Sandra Crenshaw, who acknowledges she’s mentally ill and suffers from depression, wants to go to the state lege for eight years so she can get a pension, and, also, is ineligible to hold office. But she remains on the ballot because Dallas County Democratic Party chair Darlene Ewing didn’t catch the mistake on time, leading to the possibility that, should Crenshaw win the primary, they’ll have to nominate someone else to appear on the ballot for the general election in November, something I’m sure no one will raise a stink about.

Plano Man Dies in House Fire After Going Back to Get His Cellphone. The man was in his 70s and went back because they realized they had no way to call 911. PSA: people almost never make it out of a burning house after going back in, so don’t risk it unless you’re going back for another human.