Leading Off (2/26/14)

D.A. Watkins Speaks Out; New Tour Bus Launches; DPD Dog Retires

D.A. Watkins Speaks Out. Attorney Ted Steinke has accused D.A. Craig Watkins of conflict of interest in the case with his client and State District Judge Carlos Cortez. Steinke’s client accused Cortez of assault in December. Last week, Cortez was cleared of criminal charges. Now, Steinke wants a special prosecutor. Watkins told FOX4: “This is just, just, just evidence of lawyers from the Henry Wade-era who just can’t get with the fact that I’m the District Attorney of Dallas County.”

Take a Tour Bus To Colorado. Not long ago, Michael Mooney took a trip to WinStar World Casino on a tour bus. I think we’ve found his next assignment: a tour bus to Colorado for a “new kind of Rocky Mountain high.” The bus starts running next month. Security is a concern.

Duke Retires. Duke, a German Shepherd, started working for the Dallas Police Department in 2008. During his time in the department, Duke has helped seized 1,100 pounds of pot, more than 100 pounds of meth, 34 pounds of cocaine, and $1.3 million. But last fall, he started having seizures and was experiencing confusion. His handler says Duke has the equivalent of Lou Gehrig’s Disease for dogs. While it’s not known how much time he has left, his handler, who bought Duke for $10, assures the rest of Duke’s life will be spent having fun as a pet. Duke reminds me of my good friend Reagan.


  • centerback

    What is a “shepard”?

  • Knightengale

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. (I also promise to never do Leading Off in the morning again. My brain obviously doesn’t work before 6.)