Leading Off (2/25/14)

Dallas Police want to connect with you on social media.

Is this barbecue smoker yours? Dallas Police found it.   (via DPD Pinterest page)
Is this barbecue smoker yours? Dallas Police found it. (via DPD Pinterest page)

Dallas Police Want You to Like Them on Facebook. And to follow them on Twitter. Send them a Snapchat, connect with them on LinkedIn, add them to your Google+ circles,  read their Tumblr, check in with them on Foursquare, and nudge them on eHarmony. The department on Monday unveiled a social media strategy that involves encouraging officers to tweet, publishing a news blog, and setting up a Pinterest page to share photos of recovered property. The president of the Dallas Police Association is not a fan: “This is Big Brother’s way of circumventing the media and putting their spin on the news,” he said.

Meanwhile DPD Doesn’t Punish Officer For Domestic Incident. Internal investigators determined that Senior Cpl. Kristoffer Lewis was involved in a domestic assault and that he violated a protective order by sending threatening text messages to his wife, but the department has yet to discipline him two years later. Only after WFAA inquired about the matter has a hearing been scheduled for Thursday.

Teacher’s Sexting to Student Qualifies as Free Speech. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has ruled that an adult’s right to send sexually suggestive texts is protected by the First Amendment, so Tarrant County prosecutors were left with no choice but to dismiss the case against former Everman junior high school teacher Sean Arlis Williams. Williams admitted to exchanging texts with a 13-year-old girl that included descriptions of their sexual preferences and fantasies, but because of the court’s ruling and the fact that he wasn’t accused of having had sex with the girl or attempting to meet her alone, the district attorney’s office had no crime with which they could still charge him.


  • Marcus

    I find myself on the fence with the death penalty sometimes, but I hope they find the miserable low life piece of crap that stole another man’s Big Green Egg and immediately march them in front of a firing squad.