Leading Off (2/21/14)

Driveways robbers, charges against judge dropped, and elderly drivers.

Cops Nab Driveway Robbers. On Thursday night in Oak Cliff, Dallas Police arrested a man and a woman they say can be tied to several of the rash of holdups committed since January. It’s unclear whether these suspects are connected to all 24 incidents in the crime spree.

Domestic Violence Charges Against Judge Dropped. After a grand jury declined to indict District Judge Carlos Cortez for allegedly assaulting his former girlfriend, the district attorney’s office said it’s done with the case. Cortez said the case had been trumped up by people with a political agenda. He’s up for re-election this year and faces a primary challenge March 4.

There is a 107-year-old Licensed Driver in Texas. The Department of Public Safety wouldn’t reveal the identity of the centenarian motorist. Could be he or she is still in the best shape of his or her life, but even if that’s not the case, from the sound of this WFAA report, the DPS is virtually powerless to deprive of their licenses even older adults suffering dementia or severe loss of hearing, so long as they can pass an eye test.


  • Bill Marvel

    Apparently Bron Harris didn’t watch ABC News that evening, in which Diane Sawyer reported that auto accidents involving elderly elderly drivers are down by more than 40 percent.