Leading Off (2/19/14)

Downed Officer's Kit saves life, Garland ISD controversy, Frisco regulates e-cigarettes, Summer Adventures closes

Downed Officer’s Kit Saves Life. Downed Officer’s Kits, which were developed in Iraq and Afghanistan, have been handed to DPD officers. On Saturday, when police officer Joshua Burns was shot, a fellow officer had the kit and used it on him, saving his life. The kits, which contain a tourniquet, bandage, and blood clotting gauze, cost between $50 and $60. Originally, 3,200 were purchased in preparation of the JFK 50th Memorial. Now, officers are advocating for more.

Garland Wants ISD to Fire New Superintendent. There’s a lot going on here: a new superintendent, a longtime administrator put on administrative leave after an investigation was launched, and teachers protesting with bags over their heads. Take a look.

Frisco Regulates E-Cigarettes. If you’re in Frisco, and you vape, you can no longer vape where you can’t smoke. The ordinance passed 6-0 last night and will take effect next month.

Fair Park’s Summer Adventures Canceled. State Fair organizers spent $30 million creating attractions and making improvements at Fair Park to open Summer Adventures last summer. Unfortunately, too few people visited. So the program—along with the positions that were created for it—is gone. City Council member Dwaine Caraway has a few thoughts about the sudden closure of the program. “It’s a boot in the butt as far as I’m concerned,” he told WFAA 8.