Leading Off (2/13/14)

Hansen! Chinatown References! Mavs Talk!

Dale Hansen’s Message of Support For Michael Sam Goes Viral. On Monday night, he delivered one of his “Dale Hansen Unplugged” segments about Sam, the Missouri defensive lineman and NFL hopeful who came out this weekend, and since then it’s been shared on my Facebook news feed somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 times. Deadspin and The Huffington Post have both picked it up, as have other outlets. If you somehow haven’t watched it, please do so now. We have had fun with Hansen now and again, and I’m sure we will in the future, but he absolutely, 100-percent nailed it this time.

Dallas City Council Split On How To Handle Water-Diversion Case Against Prestonwood Country Club. There’s more to it than this, but allegedly the Prestonwood golf course has been using city water for irrigation pretty much since it opened in 1986. Anyway, I’ve seen Chinatown, and I know how this movie goes, so watch your nose, Scott Griggs.

Mavs Beat Pacers, Following Up One of Their Worst Losses of The Season With Probably Their Best Victory. I guess I put all of the info in the headline. Oh, here’s something else: they hit the All-Star break at 32-22, which is pretty solid.