Leading Off (2/12/14)

Firefighter remembered; Mayor Rawlings launches task force; Jimmy makes it big

Dallas Firefighter Remembered. Monday night, Scott Tanksley was helping a wrecked driver when another driver with an out-of-control car approached the scene, hit the first car, and hit Tanksley, who was thrown over the side of a bridge where he died. Tanksley was a 14-year veteran of the department and was remembered on Tuesday.

Mayor Rawlings Launches Poverty Task Force. On Tuesday, Mayor Rawlings said that having about 260,000 Dallas residents experiencing poverty is a problem he wants to address. He’s forming a poverty task force. The group, which contains CitySquare’s Larry James and Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Atkins, will focus on short-term goals versus pie-in-the-sky ideas.

Mutt Takes on Westminster Dog Show. I’m pretty happy when I get to do an animal story in Leading Off. I’m even happier when I get to talk about a rescued dog making it big in Leading Off. So today is a pretty great day because I get to link to this story about Jimmy, an 8-year-old mutt who participated in the Westminster’s Dog Show on Saturday. He didn’t win, but he did make People, so he’s had a pretty good week. (Also, perhaps my favorite part of this video is around 1:25 when the cat tries to steal the limelight from Jimmy.)