Leading Off (2/11/14)

It's Tuesday. Hi.

Robert Wilonsky To Work Weather Sources at Both Channel 5 and National Weather Service’s Fort Worth Office. Those who follow weather in Dallas know to follow Fingers of Fury. The guy is so sourced up at the National Weather Service that it wouldn’t surprise me if some of their personnel take family vacations with the Wilonskys. But now that the News has slipped under the sheets with Channel 5, FoF must mention his new partners. It’s fun to watch him juggle two lovers.

DFW Airport Ain’t Afraid of an Unchained Love. Mitchell Schnurman says: “D/FW may be on the cusp of a golden era. A free Love Field, so threatening at one time, looks like a speed bump today.” I live in East Dallas. Here to tell you that I’ll never fly out of DFW Airport again if I can avoid it. You know what, though? Southlake and Colleyville are cool with my decision.

Keller Murder Case Gets Complicated-er. Michele Williams said an intruder shot her husband. Then she said that she was lying, that she’d staged the murder to keep her daughter from knowing that her father had committed suicide. Then, when the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide, Williams accepted a plea deal. Right before sentencing, though, she claimed she is innocent and asked for a jury trial. No magazine writer anywhere is now wondering whether this story is worth 8,000 words.

Vodka! In Fort Worth! As soon as the state and federal licenses are squared away, a guy plans to distill black-eye pea vodka in Fort Worth. Somewhere Gene Street just went insane. Then Lisa Street went a little bit less insane.

Lake Highlands Rapist Pleads Guilty. Put him away.


  • Marcus

    Regarding the Keller murder item, I had no idea that was what happened to The Hammer.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    Is anyone in the local news media ever going to go back to the politicians who mercilessly bashed us over the head while telling us over and over again that any weakening of the Wright Amendment would unleash a financial apocalypse on North Texas?

    Instead, it seems like the DMN and some other local media are going through some weird kind of dance…. doing stuff like pretending that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison was responsible for repealing the Wright Amendment when, in fact, she did every single thing in her power to derail and trip up the repeal effort.

  • Dubious Brother

    Are you saying KBH was for it before she was against it? Maybe her husband and his law firm, Vinson & Elkins, have soaked all the fees they can get out of the DFW bond issues and with those millions in the rear view mirror the D/FW consumer can now be told that it was all for our own good.