Leading Off (2/10/14)

Michael Sam, Johnny Quinn, Comings & Goings, and a Man in a Banana Costume.

Texas Native Could Become First Openly Gay NFL Player. University of Missouri alum and NFL prospect Michael Sam came out to his teammates in August and graduated in December. Now, in anticipation of May’s NFL draft and as he believed rumors were starting to circulate, he decided to go public. “I just want to make sure I could tell my story the way I want to tell it,” Sam told The New York Times. “I just want to own my truth.” Commentary quickly ensued.

Bobsledder Gets Trapped in Bathroom, Breaks Through Door. Oh, Sochi. This is entertaining for the picture alone. Johnny Quinn, a U.S. bobsledder and former University of North Texas football captain, got trapped in his hotel bathroom Saturday and was forced to use his “bobsled push training to break out.”

Comings and Goings. UT Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa will announce this morning that he’s resigning, Fox’s meteorologist Ron Jackson is retiring after 32 years on the job, and Dr. Fred Cerise is set to sign a contract to take on the job of Parkland Memorial Hospital CEO.

Headline: Man in Banana Costume With Rifle Cited by Police. Citizens were concerned.


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