If You’re Looking For Love, Facebook Says to Head to Fort Worth

Head west, especially you fellas.

The Wall Street Journal and Facebook have teamed up to rank the best places in the U.S. for single people in search of romance. They took social network relationship data from the 50 cities with the most Facebook users, and Fort Worth came out looking pretty great for relationship seekers. It’s in the top five for “likelihood of a relationship” and the top five for number of single females to single males. Overall it’s ranked fourth-best spot for singles in the country, behind only Colorado Springs, El Paso, and Louisville:

This is a rare city with both a lopsided proportion of single women and a high rate of forming relationships. Adjacent to Dallas, Fort Worth is home to a large population of Mexican immigrants.

Meanwhile, Dallas finishes in the middle of the pack, the 23rd-worst place to find love.


  • WmBTravis

    And what are we here in Dallas, amigos! Chopped liver?!