Fox 4’s Steve Eagar Deserves a Purple Heart

He restrained himself from wrestling a microphone from a child.

Or whatever the broadcaster’s equivalent of a medal for suffering injury on the battlefield might be, a credit to his persevering in the face of adversity during a segment on the Fox 4 9 p.m. newscast last night.

It was an interview with a 4-year-old Plano boy (and his parents) who’s become a viral video sensation via  YouTube thanks to a clip his dad made of him crying while listening to Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World’s song “Say Something.” It’s cute, and it’s been viewed more than 1.8 million times since it was posted January 29.

But who thought putting a young boy on the air live was a good idea? Steve Eagar futilely attempts to use a toy to occupy young Jackson Blitch’s attention while he questions the parents, but Jackson is far more interested in lying on his stomach at the back of the set for some reason. That’s after he grabbed the microphone and requested an opportunity to sing his ABCs on a newscast in the fifth-largest television market in the United States. Eagar seemed to be counting the excruciating seconds until he could pull the microphone away and take control of the interview.

He never quite succeeded, but he kept his cool anyway. For that, he deserves praise.


  • Tim Rogers

    Blitch. That’s a tough last name to go through life with.

    • Bobtex

      Especially since he will henceforth be known as Boo-Hoo Blitch. Maybe he could go for a guest shot on Toddlers and Tiaras.

  • Steve Eagar

    I have to admit I never been face to face on live TV with a 4-year old who right out of the gate asks, “Can I sing the ABCs Song?”
    I’m thinking, ABCs song? Like THE ABCs song? And once he started singing it became clear very quickly that yes, he wanted to sing that all time 4 year old classic, “Tha ABCs Song.” Personally, I don’t think you interrupt someone singing the National Anthem, or a 4 year old singing the ABCs Song! A little rugged, but I thought he was just fine.

  • Steve Eagar

    I’VE never benn

    • Steve Eagar

      I clearly need to work on MY ABC’s. Sorry!

  • auntiecairo

    So funny you posted this because was thinking the same thing through the interview – how patient and smoothly Steve was handling the situation — especially the never ending ABC’s song 🙂 Good job!

  • FilmBuf82

    Trust me Jason, I was shocked when they wanted to put him on live at 9PM (well after his bedtime). But he did amazingly well considering the sleepy meltdown he had 20 minutes prior.