All Clichés Are Bigger in Texas Award Nominee: Conan O’Brien Edition

The talk show host is bringing his show to Dallas.

Yep, they'll fit right in when they get here.
Yep, they’ll fit right in when they get here.

Conan O’Brien is bring his TBS talk show to Dallas to tape a week’s worth of shows at the Majestic Theater in the days leading up to the NCAA Final Four being played at Jerry’s AT&T Death Star at Arlington on April 5 and 7. Show dates are March 31-April 3, and free tickets are supposed to be made available today. Sign up for those here.

Team Coco (O’Brien’s production company) is also seeking submissions of fan art with a Texas or basketball or (presumably) Texas basketball theme. Select entries will be used within the Majestic or possible broadcast.


  • January Jones

    Has there ever been a bigger bust than this guy? I remember when people went nuts over his battle with Jay Leno. Now you never even hear about him. So much for TBS.

  • Sandy Hayes Flynn

    Ok…This is it I will be on March 31st threw April 3rd! Don’t know wich day OR if they will even air mine! I am so Excited…I mean it’s not Everyday the you meet Conan, & can I just say that he is Very Tall in person.He makes a great Looking Sheriff! Hopefully I just posted this on My Facebook.

  • Sandy Hayes Flynn

    Ok…I was Very Disappointed you guys did NOT show the Sheriff part of Conan??? WHY??? I saw the Episode Monday the 31st of March, Where Conan was sworn in by the Sheriff of Johnson County & than nothing. is it going to be on starting tom. MONDAY the 7th??? OR are you just NOT going to air it??? PLease get back to me if ya Can! Thanks!