DMN Puts Down Pegasus News

Let's hope everyone formerly on the horse finds a place to work.

Teresa Gubbins, who once worked at Pegasus, broke the news yesterday — before the Pegasus News staff even knew it was coming, apparently. Or was the site called WiredLocal? I’m confused. Just as I was confused when Pegasus News founder Mike Orren explained to me over lunch one day how his site was going to leverage hyper-local sales by pushing targeted sales ads to a user from, say, the floral shop with expiring merchandise that was a block from the user’s house. Mike, who was once upon a time the publisher of D Magazine, is a smarter feller than I. Which is probably how he wound up working for the Morning News, which bought and killed Pegasus. Anyway, I hope everyone who worked there quickly finds gainful employment. R.I.P., winged horsey.


  • Greg Brown

    “leverage hyper-local sales by pushing targeted sales ads” Which begs the question: Does anyone with any money to spend actually click on any of these ads? My spouse and I are both avid internet users and neither one of us can remember the last time, if any, that we actually clicked on a side ad for anything. If we are curious about something we go to Google or Amazon andget vetted information. I find it amazing that websites actually get paid by the typically low-rent to sleazy advertisers to begin with, much less make any money out of it. Fascinating business model, to be sure.

  • Bill Pollack

    Orren is a huckster among hucksters, which he will probably take as a great complement.

  • Jack Jett

    Only the good die young.