D Custom to Produce Dallas Regional Chamber Publications

Good news for our sister company.

Just wait and see what D Custom does with these bad boys.
Just wait and see what D Custom does with these bad boys.

The folks up on the 22nd floor of our building shared some good news today:

Integrated content marketing agency D Custom announced today its exclusive publishing partnership with the Dallas Regional Chamber.

D Custom will produce the Dallas Regional Chamber’s four publications: the Economic Development Guide, the Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Review, the Dallas Relocation & Newcomer Guide and the Dallas Regional Chamber Membership Guide. The publications will be available in print as well as online in an interactive, digital format.

“There is a huge opportunity in our partnership with the Dallas Regional Chamber,” says Gordon Price Locke, president of D Custom. “As we re-launch these publications in print and online, we will be able to use the latest in web optimization science to broaden our reach and build an incredible experience for readers and advertisers.”

The publications are currently being retooled with a fresh new approach to editorial and a sharp, modern design to make the Dallas Regional Chamber publications stand out as the leading sources of information on the Dallas business region.

“We want these publications to truly show the lay of the land across all industry sectors and regional economies to help businesses and relocated employees gain a deep understanding of Dallas-Fort Worth,” says Quincy Curé Preston, director of media development for D Custom and publisher of the Dallas Regional Chamber Publications. “This is an especially great opportunity for the Dallas region when it comes to advertising. The multichannel delivery of these publications will allow advertisers to have an extended reach into highly targeted markets.”

“Our reputation as a custom publisher, our experience in leading digital publication technology and our longstanding involvement in the Dallas-Fort Worth business community position us as an excellent partner for this publication platform when combined with the Chamber’s expertise in data, analysis, and public policy,” adds Locke.

The first publication produced by D Custom will be the summer edition of the Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Review, followed by the fall edition of the Dallas Relocation & Newcomer Guide.