City of Dallas Engages…ICE FORCE LEVEL 1

City spokesman Frank Librio: "Looks like it's time for..."


Mayor Mike: “Icing up a bit out there, eh Frankie?”
City spokesman Frank Librio: “Looks like it’s time for…”


(Sylvester Stallone will reprise the role of Lincoln Hawk, from Over the Top, but at this point he’s given up the long-haul life for a salt-truckin’ retirement. Steven Seagal will play the head of the salt truck union, who’s threatening to keep “All my boys off the road until they get the overtime they DESERVE.” Mayor Mike will play himself.)


  • Anonymous

    Dude, Hawk took the money from his win in OtT and started a trucking company of his own. He only works for himself. How could you not know this? It was right there in the movie! And later his son likely quit his military career to help run the business, and with that kid’s smarts and charm I’m sure it’d stay profitable for a while. Plus you know Hawk. He’d probably like Texas, but not Dallas (or the suburbs). He might do Denton County though.

    • BradfordPearson

      I considered this. My thoughts:

      – Hawk would’ve been in his late thirties by the time he started his own company, in a hardly-a-middle-aged-man’s game.

      – He puts in 10, maybe 15 years, then sells the company. Again, he’s no desk jockey, and his body can’t handle the rigors of the road anymore. Plus, he’s not very good at accounting.

      – His medical bills are piling up, and the $100,000 that he sold the company for—parallelism!—only goes so far.

      – He moves to the south, where his aching body can rest in the warmth.

      – He gets a job with Dallas Street Services for the health benefits.