Wait, They’re Going to Pay A.C. Gonzalez How Much?

It's gonna take me a minute to get my head around this.

A.C. Gonazlez in an undated file photo.
A.C. Gonzazlez in an undated file photo.

When A.C. Gonzalez was named interim city manager, his salary was bumped up to $250,000 a year. Made sense — bigger job, more responsibility. When the City Council voted to remove the “interim” from his title, it stood to reason he would get another pay raise. After all, his predecessor, Mary Suhm, had been pulling in $305,000 annually. So, the City Council voted on Gonzalez’s salary today and — HOLY MOTHER OF COME ON, HE’S MAKING $400,000 A YEAR?

This is, again, a guy who by most accounts was not even close to a unanimous choice for the job. The comments from various council members and the mayor when they approved his selection sounded more like they had hired him on a probationary basis. So, sure, immediately reward that guy with a salary that outpaces the previous city manager by almost $100,000 a year. Why would you do that, gang? Wait, oh my gosh, you’re going to say it, aren’t you? No, please, I’m begging you. Anything but that. I’ll be good, I promi–

Council Member Carolyn Davis said that if Dallas wants to be a “world-class city,” it needs to pay Gonzalez accordingly.

Oh, will you please just STOP SAYING THAT. You’re making us all seem like hobos. Quick way to be a world-class city: act like it, perform like it, and stop coming up with one last thing that will finally make us one. Just be one. Or fake it until you make it. Or, how about this? Fix the stupid roads. There’s a start. Stop throwing money at bad ideas (not talking about Gonzalez here, but I’m not not talking about him). Whatever you choose, make sure you strike those three words from your vocab. Well, maybe not “city.” You might have to still use that one. Anyway, what do you have to say, Dwaine Caraway?

“You get what you pay for. We can either play ball or we can sit on the sidelines. We’re looking for a championship.”

OK. Well. That makes no real sense. Not surprised. I hear that as CLICHE. SORT OF MISHANDLED CLICHE. CLICHE. Read in the voice of a man who wears glasses that MC Hammer would call a bit too flashy. [deep breath] What about you, Vonciel Jones Hill?

“The salary should have been set at no higher than $350,000 and that may be on the high side.”

Great. You guys have made me agree with Vonciel Jones Hill. Are you happy? Does that please you? UGH. Jerks. Actually, Vonciel didn’t vote against it, so I guess we are still good. Who did vote against? Rick Callahan and Adam Medrano. So I guess I’m going to finally have to figure out who Rick Callahan is.


  • Eric Celeste

    [Reads story, head explodes, logs on to type AYFKM post, sees Zac already did much better job than I would have.]

  • Zac Crain

    WAIT, have more thoughts. If the goal is — grumble — to be a “w***d c***s city” then 1) target another such place, 2) find an up-and-coming city administrator from said place, and 3) yes, pay that person to make it worth their while to come to Dallas and take over. Maybe someone like that would have emerged in the search anyway if they pay would have been commensurate. Instead we get retired guys from Wake County, North Carolina and Cincinnati and so on. But then that would have been a real search for a real candidate for a really important job.

  • WalkableDFW

    Regardless of what you think of Mary Suhm, this strikes me as incredibly unfair to her. We gotta dude? MAKE IT RAIN

  • CSP

    So Dallas paid its female city manager just about 77 cents on the dollar for what it’s paying its male city manager. #clichescometolife

  • BradfordPearson

    Some comparable cities, geographically/population(ally?) speaking:

    Phoenix: $315,000
    San Antonio: $355,000
    San Jose: $228,000
    Austin: $257,000

  • abramvaldezCS

    Dallas hasn’t been WC since it tore down The Sportatorium.

  • Eric Celeste

    HERE’s the other thing. So, you want to run the city more like a business. Fine. You know what businesses NEVER do? OFFER ENORMOUS RAISES TO PEOPLE ALREADY ON THE PAYROLL! If you have a rock star from another company, and you want to break your salary structure to hire that person, fine, these things are sometimes the best way to get said rock star. But you know what a company does when you ask for a raise of more than 20 percent? They say, look, if you were worth that much on the open market, someone woulda come and gotchu. Now go get your shine box.

    • Joe

      Not just that, but anyone with a brain hiring for a high profile position doesn’t publically tie itself to a candidate until after working out the comp if it can be avoided.

      The city should have told AC that the job paid $275 or whatever before it interviewed him and it could have asked, is $275 good enough? What’s AC going to say, no, I don’t want the job? Of course he’ll take $275 to do a job he was being paid $250 for at the time without any apparent prospects anywhere else. Hell, we had him over a barrel because he was the inside guy here but had no such advantage anywhere else. What’s on his resume that would make any comparable city pay more than market for him.

      But no, the City waited until they have voted on who would be the next city manager and effectively put themselves into the position of paying whatever he demands or having the embarrassment of the chosen candidate rejecting the city. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

  • CSP

    So I added a comment pointing out the near-perfect “77 cents on the dollar” disparity between what the outgoing female and income male city managers were or will be making. It went live but then seems to have disappeared. Gremlins or, what, not relevant?

  • Ted

    Oh, dear. Has Lucy snatched the football away…AGAIN? And I had SO expected this to have been a brand new day, fresh, and completely unlike any other to have come before.

  • Dubious Brother

    I hate to point out the obvious but they used the Obama administration pay guideline where women make 77% of what men make. In this case, Mary Suhm was at 76.25% of what Gonzalez will make. Are you sure he isn’t making $396,103.89 or do they just round up?

  • CSP

    Never mind, it popped up again.

  • Zac Crain


  • Tim Rogers

    I would pay $125 of my own money to hear the unvarnished response of Mary Suhm to this news and then to be able to publish said response.

    • Wylie H Dallas

      I’d be willing to throw in another $125.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    Exactly. If the idea was to attract the best candidate money could buy, then:

    1) They should have established the salary BEFORE commencing the executive search, and done so in consultation with a public sector compensation specialist.

    2) They should have performed a proper executive search, which typically costs in the low six figures. (Parkland, for example, paid their CEO search consultant a little over $300,000). Instead, the City was only willing to part with $40,000 to conduct a “pretend” search.

    This is just so embarrassing.

  • Anonymous

    That is not a picture of A.C. Gonzalez. That is an old picture of Hubie Brown, former NBA coach.

    • Tim Rogers

      You are wrong.


    I do not care if A.C. makes $396,00 or $405,000 per year as City of Dallas manager. He just needs to operate this city so my property taxes are reduced ! HA HA HA

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Wylie H Dallas

    He changed his name.

  • Christine Allison

    are you sure Tim? I think it is Hubie Brown.

  • LDR4

    Finally, someone gets the Hubie Brown reference other than me. Welcome to the inner circle, Anonymous.

  • Tim Rogers

    Nope. I’m totally certain Zac has the right image for AC Gonzalez.

  • Christine Allison


  • Cindy

    But men always are paid more than women … why should that surprise anyone?

  • Wylie H Dallas

    The bigger issue is the combination of an indefinite contract combined with a super-majority vote required to oust him.

    Dallas has just been converted into a municipal dictatorship,

  • Wylie H Dallas

    The bigger issue is the award of an indefinite contract combined with a super-majority vote required to oust him.

    Dallas has just been converted into a municipal dictatorship, effectively.

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  • Anonymous

    “Young, single women are earning more than men in most of America’s largest cities, according to a study released Wednesday.

    In 2008, women ages 22 to 30 with no children and no spouse earned a higher median income than comparable men in 39 of the 50 largest U.S. cities, according to analysis of census data by New York research firm Reach Advisors.

    Of childless city-dwellers in their twenties, women command median salaries that are at least 10 percent higher than their male counterparts in 14 of the largest metropolitan areas, including New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. And in some major cities, women out-earn men by as much as 19 percent.”