Why Not Spend Your Final Work-Hour of the Week Watching a Cheetah Cub Play With a Puppy?

Having lost his brother, Kamau, earlier in the week young Winspear is doing much better.

You’ll recall the sad news this week that one of the cheetah cubs at the Dallas Zoo, Kamau, died from a respiratory illness. His brother, Winspear, suffered the same sickness but is now recovering.

You can see how well he’s doing for yourself, thanks to this video the zoo just released of Winspear playing with his buddy Amani, a Labrador puppy. Here’s what the zoo had to say on its Facebook page:

We’re thrilled to tell you that Winspear is once again bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, recovering well from the respiratory illness that claimed his brother, Kamau. In fact, he’s eating so much that we may have to order a whole truckload of food just for him! And he’s definitely got that “feeling-better-and-now-I’m-really-hyper” pent-up energy that kids get after being sick. He and his puppy companion, Amani, spent this morning rolling around, playing tug-of-war with toys, and chasing each other around in a play room their wing of our veterinary hospital. (Still no date for his return to guest visits, because we’re being extra-careful.) Check out this video we shot for you, since you’ve been so concerned about him this week.

Our staff is very grateful for the outpouring of love and condolences this week. We’ve read every comment and looked at every photo here on Facebook and on Instagram, and they’ve helped ease our grief. As always, thank you for your great support.